Lapikas' safety instructions for autumn 2020

Due to the coronavirus, events in Lapikas will be organize events keeping in mind the general recommendations and the guidelines of the University of Lapland and THL (Finnish institute for health and welfare).

  • There will be a registration for all of our events this fall in case the chain of corona infection needs to be traced afterwards.
  • Every event we organize will have a security person who will take care of the security arrangements during the event.
  • At events, we will pay special attention to hand hygiene, safety distances, and other guidelines for preventing infections. We strive to organize events outdoors as much as possible. We ask people attending to bring your own hand sanitizer to the events.
  • In the meetings held at the university, we take into account the individual meeting limit of 50 people, sufficient safety distances and careful hygiene.
  • We will provide more detailed information about the event's emergency arrangements and safety instructions through FB events and social media.
  • It is our intention to organize all our events so that it is possible to participate in them with safety intervals. It is recommended to use a face mask, especially if it is impossible to keep safety distances.
  • At our events, it is recommended not to share food or drinks with others. Participants should also note that intoxication increases risk use.
  • We anticipate that we may have to cancel an event abruptly and in these cases a free cancellation is possible. Also, if a participant has to cancel their participation due to getting ill, it is possible for him or her to get his or her money back from a purchased ticket.
  • We also keep in mind the possibility of events held online so that everyone can participate safely.

We ask the people attending our events to do your part to maintain safety, take care of safety distances and especially hygiene. We do not recommend those at risk groups or those in close contact with them attending events. Participation in the events is at the participant's own risk. If you experience symptoms of flu, influenza or other infectious diseases, have been in contact with an infected person or arrive in Finland from abroad during the last 14 days, do not participate in our events.

If you are diagnosed with a coronavirus infection and have participated in a student community event in the last 14 days, please contact us immediately
To the Secretary General of LYY

+358 40 578 4207

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