Exchange students:

Anyone who completes an exchange study in the teacher training program at the University of Lapland's Faculty of Education can become an external member.

Membership fee 20 €

Major students:

Anyone studying as a major or minor in the Faculty of Education of the University of Lapland can become a full member of Lapikas.

Membership fee
1st year : 35 €
2nd year : 30 €
3rd year : 25 €
4th year : 20 €
From the 5th year onwards: 15 €

Needed information for the transfer.:
Recipient: Lapikas Ry
Account number: FI64 1134 3000 1434 96
Reference number: 3007

The members of Lapikas as well as the external members pay a membership fee, which entitles the association membership throughout the study program of the class teacher of the Faculty of Education of the University of Lapland. The full members of the association have the right to speak and vote at the meetings of the association.

Benefits for a Lapikas member:

* for full members only

  • The right to acquire student coveralls with the Lapikas logo.
  • The right to participate in events intended for Lapikas members only and other events organized by Lapikas at a lower membership price or free of charge.

  • Right to lobbying services.

  • The right to receive the Lapikasposti weekly newsletter.

  • The right to buy Lapikas-themed products.

  • The right to apply to the Lapikas board. *

  • The right to join SOOL through Lapikas.