Lapikas has been the student organization of teacher students at the University of Lapland since 1975. The main task of the organization is to monitor and promote the interests of its members in matters related to studying, as well as to organize various events for the members. These duties are performed by the board of the student association, which is elected annually at the association's autumn meeting.

In addition to these, Lapikas has representatives influence e.g. in the Representative Council of the Lapland Student Union, the University College, the Faculty Council of Education and the Board of the University of Lapland Internship School. Lapikas' most important task is to bring out the perspective of its members in decisions concerning our field of education and to act as a mouthpiece between students and decision-makers.

Lapikas is a member of the national Teacher Student Union of Finland (SOOL). SOOL, on the other hand, is a student organization of The Trade Union of Education in Finland (OAJ) with all of its benefits. Members who have become members of SOOL will be able to enjoy all the benefits that the OAJ offers to its members (eg Teacher's Magazine, insurance benefits, unemployment fund). In Rovaniemi, SOOL's regional operator is Marja Kaisanlahti. More about regional activities and contact information can be found here.